HOTLINE : +62 21 2977 2977
Telecommunication Solution

  • Postpaid Corporate Service (17000/17018)
    • Direct calling service from Atlasat as a licensed VoIP service provider
    • Toll-free access 17000/17018 with no other hidden costs
    • No registration fee or monthly subscription fee
    • Savings of up to 82.5% with very competitive rates to other service providers or Telkom
    • Monthly detail billing will be provided at no extra charge
    • Usage can be controlled by establishing credit limit
    • Fixed rate even during peak hours
    • Accessible from any fixed line (PSTN) in major cities with our Point of Presence: Jakarta, Bogor, Bandung, Surabaya, Denpasar (Bali), Malang and Madiun.
    • This service is dedicated to user who have high usage of SLI and SLJJ calls
    • Only need to register the Telephone Number(s)

  • Exclusive Corporate Service
    Atlasat’s Premium Telecommunication Services using only dedicated  Line Connection (LC) with various flexibilities:
    • Broadband Internet Connection / Leased Line Connection
    • Fiber Optic Connection
    • Wireless / Microwave Connection
    • Flexible and customized for the need of our Corporate Customers
    • Our Exclusive Corporate Service provides Superior Advantages:
    • Faster Access
    • Hardly any PDD (Post Dial Delay)
    • Crystal Clear Voice
    • Much higher CSR (Call Success Ratio)
    • More Competitive Rates
  • Atlasat offers only Premium quality connections with Cost Savings for our Clients
  • Cost Control features with ability to establish Credit Limits
  • Flexibility with various types of connections:
  • Toll Free Access Codes: 17000, 17018 or 01018
  • Broadband Internet Connection or Leased Line
  • Fiber Optic Connection
  • Wireless / Microwave Connection
  • Comprehensive online real-time billing system
  • Unsurpassed Voice Clarity and Stability using world-class Software and Hardware using CISCO Platform.
  • Proactive Customer Support Team