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Optima Contact Center Solution

Don't want to own or maintain the system? You can subscribe to our Virtual Call Centre. No hardware, no heavy initial investment, don’t have to worry about redundancy and backups, don’t need a IT personnel. Don’t have to worry about over-invest.

Our servers are hosted in a data centre and supported with full redundant power supply, telephones lines and internet access and backups. Business continuity is our utmost concern. Using our agent voip soft-phone, you can install and setup agents anywhere with a PC with internet access. Calls will call a hotline and, via Internet, you will receive the call at anywhere in the world. You will get all the features in the Optima Call Centre and more! You can never over-invest. You can start with 2 agents, and upgrade to 10 agents in the following month for a campaign, and reduce back to 2 agents when the campaign is over. You can start with 10 lines account, increase to 30 lines and reduce back to 5 during normal traffic situation easily. You don’t need to apply for telecom lines! You are able to save cost on outgoing calls using our VoIP service at cheap price.

All agents will have conversation recordings! You can host it at our data centre or store them in your office for privacy reasons. You can even integrate this call centre service with your own CRM application in your office!

Need to change the call flow, do the voice prompt recordings... let us manage them. You are free to do what you are best at... meeting your customers' needs.

Virtual Contact Centre is a no-pain, easy to setup centralized and de-centralized call centre service. Using the concept of Software-as-a-Service, Optima brings call centre solutions to you at monthly recurring fees. No hardware, no integration or interfering with your LAN or telephone system.

Forget about expensive hardware, software, training and administrative costs. Optima Virtual Contact Centre is a full-featured, enterprise-class contact centre product, minus the integration headaches of premise-based equipment. There are no heavy upfront costs – a PC is all that an agent need. Designed to meet your call centre needs, Optima Virtual Contact Centre provides leading edge contact centre technologies and features, improving your customer service quality and customers’ experience, and giving you new management efficiencies.


Optima  Virtual Contact Centre is preferred by call center experts for these reasons:

  • Virtual Call Centre design supports multi site and home operations without additional effort or cost. Agents can be anywhere using internet from a PC.
  • Reliability is built into the architecture; Optima Virtual Contact Centre’s redundant core servers, telephone and ethernet network and highly-available systems exceeds the availability of on-premise solutions. Systems are monitored and maintained 24/7/365.
  • Scalability allows instant and large expansion without technology changes. Confidently subscribe to only the amount of capacity needed without restricting future seamless growth.
  • Management and Monitoring capabilities provide real-time control and status from a PC. Service level alerts or alarms are instilled to uphold high customer expectation.
  • Easy to use interface designed similar to Microsoft 2007 Office Suite for greater user-friendliness.
  • Integrating with CRM applications is easy with browser/server environment or client/server applications. API is provided. You can even integrate with CRMs which are hosted locally.
Multi-media Contact Distribution    Real-Time Reporting/Monitoring
  • Delivers voice calls, web-chat, email, fax, sms to skilled agents
  • Monitoring of service level
  • Skills-based routing
  • Supervisor position shows real-time load and current agents’ activities
  • Multi-tenant for sub call centre setups
  • Historical reporting using MS Excel
  • Real-time monitoring of call traffic, queue monitors and agents status
  • Pivot tables and pivot charts
  • Route calls based on number dialed or caller id
  • Data can be downloaded permanently for quick access
  • Customized music or message on hold
  • Customized voice prompts at IVR
  • Virtual agent extensions across any number of sites


Call Recording and Monitoring    CTI (Computer Telephony Integration)
  • “Whispering” feature to provide on-call training
  • Integration at call centre side is provided free
  • Live monitoring of agent calls in progress
  • Screen pop from CRM applications
  • Recording on demand by agent
  • Caller-id is transferred to next agent for “screen/data” transfer
  • Recordings retrieval by agent, queue, date/time, number dialed, caller id, comments etc
  • CRM can be hosted locally or remotely
  • Recordings can be hosted locally
  • Customized voice prompts at IVR
  • Virtual agent extensions across any number
    of sites


IVR (Interactive Voice Response)    CTI (Computer Telephony Integration)
  • Supports customer entered digits
  • Fax from agents’ desktop
  • Customized greetings and prompts
  • Route incoming fax via queue to agents
  • Recording on demand by agent
  Email Management
  • Unified Messaging
  • Route incoming email via queue to agents
  • Open and closed office hours announcements, calendars of holidays, schedules etc
  • Routing based on keywords, email address and CRM integration


SMS Server    Web-Chat
  • Send SMS from agents’ desktop
  • Route web-chat via queue to agents
  • Route incoming sms via queue to agents
  • SMS broadcasting